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Aristolochia chiquitensis Duch.


Chiquitos Birthwort


twining liana > 3 m, tuberous rootstock


2-4 cm, odour barely noticeable


Brazil, Bolivia, ...


thick-shelled, triangular to ovate, small elaiosome

Aristolochia chiquitensis probably represents one of the most confusing taxa in South American subser. Hexandrae. In fact, almost every Aristolochia with coriaceous leaves and wiry shoots either has been assigned  to Aristolochia arcuata, rugosa or this species, ignoring a massive (unassignable) variety of floral differences in several dozen distinctive specimens which only partly be held apart geographically. 


Taking into account the type material of Aristolochia chiquitensis this pale form with the tentaculous limb and a characteristic yellow ribbon is to be regarded the 'true' Aristolochia chiquitensis s.str. 

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