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Aristolochia rotunda L.


Round-leafed Birthwort


perennial herb < 0,6 m, globose tuber


2-4 cm, odour barely noticeable


France to Greece, Italy, Balcan Peninsula, Baleares


thick-shelled, compressed triangular, large elaiosome,

stratification 1-3 years

Aristolochia rotunda represents the most widespread Aristolochia in Europe aside A. clematitis and A. pallida.


A. rotunda shows quite recognizable differences concerning populations across its habitat.

On the Tyrrhenian Islands the subspecies A. rotunda subsp. insularis needs to be mentioned and another one, A. rotunda subsp. reichsteinii, from the island of Pag/Croatia.

It is yet unclear how significantly the differences of vegetative and underground parts justify the taxonomic status as many intermediate forms e.g. from Sicily and Greek islands are known.


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