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Aristolochia elegans Mast.


Calico Flower


twining liana > 5 m


10-15 cm, faint odour


South America


flat, winged and nearly oval, no elaiosome

Aristolochia elegans originating from Brazil probably represents the most common species in cultivation.

It reproduces extremely quick from seeds, grows enormously in a season and takes over any free space it is able to reach. By its vigorous growth and weedy habit it has been displaced multiply or escaped from cultivation in almost every subtropical to tropical country, now scattered across the planet.


Often, there have been disagreements about the valid name being either A. elegans or A. littoralis - it seems in cultivation, A. littoralis is the more widespread name.

However, taking into account the type material it is now believed A. littoralis in fact represents a synonym of A. odoratissima while A. elegans (historically the 'younger' name) is to be chosen as valid.

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