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Aristolochia clematitis L.


Common Birthwort


perennial, erect herb < 0,7 m, thickened storage roots


1-3 cm, odour barely noticeable


mainland Europe to Central Russia, Turkey & Caucasus, native and introduced


extremely thick-shelled, triangular to ovate, large elaiosome, stratification 1-3 years

Despite the beautiful, tiny flowers appearing in clusters of up to 10 flowers per leaf axil this species exhibits a highly invasive habit vice and should not be grown in open ground.

One of the very few Aristolochia capable of becoming troublesome weeds, this plant will spread quickly underground by means of the fleshy, rhizomatose roots.

If broken, a new plant will emerge from each fragment the next season so the best way to control this species surely is planting it in a container.

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