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Aristolochia gigantea Mart.


Giant Pipevine


twining liana > 5 m


30-50 cm, citrus odour


South America (Brazil)


flat, winged and nearly oval, no elaiosome

Although one of the more widespread species in culture many plants cultivated and sold under the name of Aristolochia gigantea in fact are hybrids of A. gigantea x elegans.


Aristolochia gigantea s.str. is a truly outstanding species with massive flowers reaching up to 50 x 25 cm, more than double the size of the hybrid specimens. Another quite distinguishing feature is its scent: It smells not disgusting as most other species do but rather like cleansing agent with a breeze of citrus. 


Mature plants require much space and are capable of covering a complete patio within a few weeks. Luckily this rewarding climber can be cut back easily and will be very happy if supplied with lots of fertilizer and water simply.

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