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Aristolochia labiata Willd.


Pelican Pipevine


twining liana > 5 m


12-20 cm, faint decay odour


South America (Brazil)


flat, largely winged and nearly oval, no elaiosome

Very showy and a rather common species in cultivation, Aristolochia labiata is capable of flowering throughout the whole season outside.

The intriguing flowers appear at the internodes of young branches.


On hot days the fleshy shoots may grow 3 cm - so fast there will be several flowers open per shoot although they only last two days each.


Aristolochia labiata belongs to a number of several Brazilian and South American pipevines displaying the characteristic Pelican flower shape. As species' limits and natural hybrids have not been reviewed properly to date more research is necessary to unravel this species complex.

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