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Aristolochia pallida Willd.


Pale Birthwort


perennial herb < 0,6 m, globose tuber


2-5 cm, odour barely noticeable


SE France to Turkey, Balcan peninsula, Italy (incl. islands)


thick-shelled, compressed triangular, large elaiosome,

stratification 1-3 years

Aristolochia pallida is a rewarding and hardy species but quite uncommon in cultivation.


The attractive flowers appear in clusters at the base of the perennial shoots, right at the beginning of the growth period in early spring.

As the season goes by, solely new leaves are produced which dry up in summer and the plant will draw back to hibernate with the help of its large globose tuber.


A. pallida belongs to a group of several closely related species called pallida-complex.

The interspecific relationships have not been reviewed comprehensively throughout the distribution range yet which is especially interesting since intermediate forms and convergent species' characteristics are particularly common within this clade. 


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