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Aristolochia sempervirens L.


Evergreen Birthwort


coriaceous, climbing herb > 3 m, thickened storage roots


2-4 cm, faint odour


France to Israel, Aegean Islands, ...


thick-shelled, triangular, large elaiosome,

stratification 1-3 years

Together with A. baetica this attractive and variable species forms the so-called sempervirens-complex comprising all twining species in Europe and Near East.


Scarcely seen in cultivation yet A. sempervirens is an outstanding and adaptable species very easy to cultiate.

The plant grows quite compactly and does not need much space.


Compared to its Iberian cousin A. baetica, A. sempervirens is more cold-resistant and will be completely hardy in most European climates if provided a dry and properly isolated sunny spot.


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