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Aristolochia lindneri A.Berger


Lindner's Birthwort


perennial, scrambling geophyte < 0,4 m, tuberous taproot


12-15 cm, extreme carrion-like odour




thick-shelled, flat, perfectly triangular, small elaiosome

This Bolivian species is something very special in several aspects.

The massive flowers compared to the tiny foliage makes it one of the most attractive and spectacular ground-dwelling species I've come across.

Although most Aristolochia are not well-known for emitting a really pleasant smell, however, the odour released even by a single open flower of this species is enormously disgusting.


Unfortunately A. lindneri is not so easy to cultivate as it originates from the subtropical climate zones of Bolivia. Even more than the Mexican subsection Pentandrae species it dislikes any form of humidity without being exposed to heat and sun.

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