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Aristolochia cucurbitifolia Hayata


Cucumber-leafed Birthwort


perennial liana > 2 m, stoloniferous


2-4 cm, no odour


China (Taiwan)


thick-shelled, ovate, elaiosome present,

stratification 1-3 years

A very showy species from SE Asia, even if not in flower. The curious digitate leaves make a nice display all year round and drop off only if temperatures fall below 0 °C for a longer period of time.


Unfortunately this species is pretty scarce and threatened in its natural habitat, thus listed as 'Endangered' according to IUCN criteria.

Luckily it made its way into cultivation decades ago and is capable of proliferating continuously via stolons if provided the right conditions.


Apparently the flower shape, size and coloration can vary considerably within this species, making a precise ID not always easy although the palmate leaves usually provide a good orientation. However, it seems there are also morphs without digitate leaves!


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