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Aristolochia pohliana Duch.


Pohl's Pipevine


twining liana > 5 m


10-20 cm, decay odour


South America (Brazil)


flat, largely winged and nearly oval, no elaiosome

Aristolochia pohliana undoubtedly belongs to the labiata complex characterized by the well-known Pelican-like flower type.


It's made itself a name as the most feral hybridizer in the affinity of this complex and is responsible for a huge "mess" of spontaneous hybrids (e.g. Aristolochia [galeata x cf. pohliana] and many, many more ) especially abundant in cultivation when uncontrolled, open pollination occurs.


The "true", wild-type morph is quite a stunner nevertheless. When in female stage (1st day of flowering) it emits a very unpleasant odor.

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