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Aristolochia iberica Fisch. & C.A.Mey. ex Duch.


Caucasian Birthwort


perennial herb < 0,8 m, irregularly globose/ovoid tuber


3-5 cm, odour barely noticeable


Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan


thick-shelled, triangular, large elaiosome,

stratification 1-5 years

Aristolochia iberica constitutes the most widespread species of the Caucasian-Pontic pontica-complex. Although the propagation via seeds is more or less a disaster (stratification times up to 4 years!) it will grow very quickly as soon as established and capable of doubling the size of the tuberous stem each year.

After 3-4 years the irregularly shaped storage organs can reach the size of a fist already.


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